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Zhejiang Race Weekend Pre-race Reactions



Xu Jia, Kings Racing: I have a very fast driver partnering with me this weekend and we are entering four cars into the GT3 fight. This is the largest lineup we have had at China GT in 2017, and I am very grateful for the support. We already secured the GT3 teams’ championship but we still have to fight for the drivers’ championship. Like many others, this is our first experience with Zhejiang circuit. There are a number of low to medium speed corners and a lot of elevation changes, so it should be fun!


Li Chao, JRM: This track is hard for overtaking so qualifying is important. We need to be a second or two a lap quicker in order to make a move. We just want to keep up our current position. If we can get to the top step this weekend we would be overjoyed, but right now we just want to do the best we can and keep our current position.


Bian Hao, JRM: it is a very challenging track. It is very narrow, low grip and has many blind spots around the turns. This is a first for a lot of us so we want to find the right setting during these couple of days’ practice. This weekend is my last chance to take the fight to points leader CJ Huang. We have 24 points between us, so it is not insignificant, but I will do my best.


Kuo Kuo Hsin, D2 Racing: We are still checking and testing the car. It is a circuit with significant elevation changes – up to 22 metres I hear, so it will be difficult to find grip when going downhill. We took off the anti-roll bar to make it slightly more flexible. I hope a podium is within reach this weekend.


Maxx Ebenal, D2 Racing: we are still learning and finding out more about the car. This is going to be our first wet race, so we need to find the right setting for this. However, Zhejiang is a new track for all teams, so it would level the playing field for everyone. I have done some coaching at this track before, but never drove here. I think our car would suit a tight circuit like this one rather than fast and flowing ones. We don't have much expectations this weekend. We just want to go out and have some fun.


Chen Yinian, Xtreme Motorsports: we are prone to a bit of over steer on this track, but when driving downhill we tend to under steer because of the BOP setting. It was a bit slippery today but it’s great track. We don't have much time to work with the car since Chengdu but we look forward to this weekend. Many great drivers in GT4 this time.


Huang Yiqing, TSRT Tianshi Racing: I am still trying to get a grip of the track. It is quite small, unlike Shanghai with all the straights. It is also tight and twisty so it will be very challenging to the drivers. We hope to win this weekend.


David McIntyre, The Winning Team: It is a very scenic track but at the same time very challenging. We have some amazing drivers in the GT4 category this time. We want to try and finish the race safety and get as many points as we can.


Stanley Yang Mengqiao, ChinaEquity AMR: it seems to be a very challenging track with low grip, several S bends and significant elevation changes. The wet weather expected this weekend also adds to our challenge. My teammate Ross had to race in Europe so we have another driver from AMR to partner with me. I think we set up the car well and we are ready for a good fight. We hope to continue our winning streak from Chengdu into this weekend.


Team Lotus: Team Lotus is fielding two Lotus Evoras into the GT4 Class, with Sam Lok again pairing up with Clement Li and Anthony Chan welcoming a new teammate Dominic Ang. Team Lotus is currently third in the teams’ championship.


Adderly Fong, ZIA FEA Racing: I have not raced here before but I have driven a road car here. I also did some preparation by watching videos and looking at data. I am racing in an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 this time, and partnering with a new driver. Therefore, this is a completely new challenge to me. I hope to get my co-driver Yang Zhiyi up on the podium this weekend.




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