GT Cars Series – McLaren 570S GT4

Release date / 2019-07-31

 GT Cars Series – McLaren 570S GT4


One of the highlights of the 2019 China GT season is the heightened competitiveness of the GT4 class. Currently, all of the world’s top car manufacturers, such as Mercedes-AMG, Porsche and BMW and Audi, have released their own GT4 vehicle, which increased the popularity of this class of racing. The Ningbo race weekend saw the return of one of the most successful models on the current GT4 grid – the McLaren 570S GT4.

McLaren's brilliant track record in the F1 arena is well documented. However, the British brand, which embodies a wealth of experience and skill, is not content to reign supreme only in Formula One, and is now turning its attention to other arenas. The McLaren 570S GT4 is the latest car with which the racing giants hope to make their mark on the new GT4 Class.

The McLaren 570S GT4 is based on the original 570S model. After research and development was carried out by the McLaren GT motorsport division and independent motorsport company CRS GT, this model made its debut in the 2016 British GT Championship, as a competitor in the GT4 class.



Compared with the other racing classes, the GT4 class is a good entry point for gentlemen drivers or budding professionals. Like the 570S, the GT4 continues to use the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine and 7-speed Graziano SSG dual-clutch system, but has undergone other specialised modifications designed with the race track in mind, including a carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis and FIA-approved roll cage.


Lightweight design

In order to reduce the weight of the car, the McLaren 570S GT4 uses carbon fibre and aluminium alloys on many different places on the bodywork. The front spoiler, large rear wing and diffuser also make the car more aerodynamic.

Winning Team, commanding a triple McLaren 570S GT4 entry in 2019, put on a solid performance in the GT4 class during its return in Ningbo.

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