GT Cars Series - BMW M4 GT4

Release date / 2019-04-23

GT Cars Series - BMW M4 GT4

In its debut season in 2018, the BMW M4 has earned the accolade of “Race Car of the Year” at the Professional MotorSport World Expo Awards and is a fantastic machine for entry level racers.  

In 2018, the BMW M4 GT4 has collected one victory and three podiums in the hands of Taiwanese gentleman drivers Ivan Lee and Kevin Chen at China GT. The FIST-Team AAI duo came second in the 2018 GT4 AM/AM standings, and has transitioned to the M6 GT3 sister car in the new season.

The M4 GT4 is built upon the production series M4, along with some tech imported from the M6 GT3. At basic configuration, this beast can produce over 431 horsepower, thanks to its 3.0 litre M TwinPower Turbo straight-six engine at the heart. This power is coupled by seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, making the M4 the ultimate racing machine.

Inside the car, the dashboard and centre console are all made of, as you probably have guessed, carbon fibre, just like its door, bonnet and most of the body kit to shed weight.

BMW M4 GT4 is again fielded by Taiwanese powerhouse FIST-Team AAI in 2019, and will be piloted by Oscar Lee and Yuanhao Yao.

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