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Round 12 Top Three Drivers’ Reaction



1. Wang Liang, Kings Racing: “It was a great result, especially considering the conditions, and again Martin [Rump] did a fantastic job to give us our third win of the season.”


1. Martin Rump, Kings Racing: “It has been a great season in China GT with the Kings Linky team. We’ve shown pretty good pace but this weekend has been quite difficult as the weather has not really been on our side. Wang Liang did a good job in his stint then all I had to do was push and open a gap in front.”


2. Li Chao, JRM JiaRui – TengDa: “We had a great season, and I especially enjoyed driving with Chris [van der Drift]. Today the penalty was unfortunate, but in the end we came home with a good result.”


2. Chris van der Drift, JRM JiaRui – TengDa: “We had a few problems at the start of the season and didn’t finish a few races, but we were really strong at the end of the year, we had some wins and a lot of podiums so that was good. We should have won today because we were really fast, but compared to yesterday it was difficult, we were aquaplaning all the way down the straight which was really crazy - you just had to cross your fingers and hope to get through. It’s good to be on the podium and hopefully we carry this performance on to next year.”


3. Xu Jia, Kings Racing - 2017 GT3 CHAMPION: “It was a mixed season for us, with a strong start at Goldenport in Beijing and then the accident at Zhejiang during the third stop of the season, then a return to victory lane at Shanghai and then Chengdu. I have to thank the Kings Team, Audi and my co drivers, it’s great to have won the championship.


3. Dries Vanthoor, Kings Racing: “To be honest, I went on my out lap and had a big moment in turn 15, so I said to myself, okay I will drive it home and I didn’t really try to push. I saw the Porsche coming [van der Drift] and I let him go because I knew he was a lot quicker. Xu Jia did a good job in his stint, he drove it hard and brought it back in the lead and I just had to drive it home safe.”



1. CJ Huang, D2 Racing - 2017 GTC CHAMPION: “It’s been a very great honour to win the China GT Championship title, and especially to take the first and last wins of the season. I have to say a special thanks to my team who gave me a car in which I could drive hard and fight hard.”


2. Billy Lo, Xtreme Motorsports: “It was a lot wetter today and conditions were worse. I took the first stint today and tried to close the gap with CJ. However we couldn’t quite get close to him because his mandatory pit stop is about 10 seconds shorter. We all did our best and are very happy with this result. ”


2. Thomas Ashton, Xtreme Motorsports: “The rain really brought out the performance of our car, and we had a pace to challenge CJ for the win. Still, P2 was a good result. ”


3. Pan Chao, JRM JiaRui – TengDa: “We had two wet races today, but we both performed well. We missed the podium yesterday but we managed it today. I am happy with my first stint and this season so far.”


3. Andrew Tang, JRM JiaRui – TengDa: “We set up the car really well. We might be able to go a bit further today but getting on the podium was a good result. Pan Chao did a fantastic job. Our car doesn't have ABS or Traction Control so I think we managed well under difficult conditions. ”




1.Roelof Bruins, The Winning Team: ”David did a great job. I only needed to keep the position and finish the race.”


1. David McIntyre, The Winning Team: “It was a challenging track for all of us. I had a good start and brought the car back in P1 to my teammate. I am very happy with what we did today.”


2. Zhou Yong, ChinaEquity AMR: “This is my first race starting in such bad condition, and was essentially driving blind. I have had three different partners throughout my time at Chian GT and each of them has taught me a lot. I got on the podium three times, and it is a good result for my rookie GT year. I hope to do this again next year.”


3. Chen Yinian, Xtreme Motorsports: “Thanks to Ling Kang we managed to finish on the podium today and conclude the 2017 season on a high note.”


3. Ling Kang, Xtreme Motorsports: “We had what it takes to win today’s race, but we had some issues with the pit stop so we lost a bit of time. My teammate Yinian had a great race and brought the car back in P2.”


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