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Round 11 Top Three Drivers Reaction



Xu Jia, Kings Racing: “It was a very up and down race, especially with that spin at turn one off the start, but we recovered and got through it for another victory.”



Dries Vanthoor, Kings Racing: “He [Xu] did a very good job and gave me the car in first position, and showed he was really quick. Kings Racing did a good job, so too did Audi so congratulations to them. I’m really happy with the result.”

Li Chao, JRM JiaRui - TengDa:  “We want to try and maintain this good momentum we’ve had over the last couple of races and be in a position to take the win in the final race of the season tomorrow.”



Chris van der Drift, JRM JiaRui - TengDa: “After the pit stop we were well behind so I had to push really hard but we were really fast which was good. After the safety car I knew we had a chance and managed to get past Maxx [Ebenal] in the Mercedes. He [Vanthoor] was a bit quicker in some areas but overall I was quicker but I didn’t have a chance to make a move and he had good grip at the end whilst I was sliding around a bit more, but we still have one more race tomorrow.”

Kuo Kuo Hsin, D2 Racing: “I had a good start but lost my lead at Turn 7. It was tough out there today so my first job was to bring the car back safely to my teammate. We are happy to take P3 today. “



Maxx Ebenal, D2 Racing: “This time we really deserve this podium. We got lucky last time but for this race I’d say we have really worked for it. My teammate has a great stint and I am very happy with the result today.”



CJ Huang. D2 Racing: “Thanks to all the D2 team who predicted the rain brilliantly and that worked in our favour and we were able to go through and claim another victory.”

Billy Lo, Xtreme Motorsports: “We had a late driver change due to weather conditions and Thomas started the opening stint. He managed to hand the car over to me in P1, and my job then was to bring the car back in the same position. The SC has reduced my lead, and my tyres were giving out. I was eventually passed by CJ but am still pleased with P2. ”



Thomas Ashton, Xtreme Motorsports: “It was wet today but my experience racing the wet in Europe has helped me. I am also familiar with the car. This is my first partnership with my teammate, and we managed to finish second. It was a good start. ”

Will Bamber, JRM JiaRui – TengDa: “Like my partner Bian Hao just said, it has been a difficult weekend. Hao didn't have much practice before going out on to the track. We want to congratulate CJ on winning the championship. He has been consistent throughout the season and driving solo is an incredible feat.  ”


Yang Mengqiao, ChinaEquity AMR:
“Actually the circuit was very challenging with setting tyre pressures thanks to the tyre temperatures. Today was a little bit colder so we had to adjust the car and the pressures which was the key to the win.”



Jack Mitchell, ChinaEquity AMR: “I’m really shocked to be honest. Stan [Mengqiao] did an amazing job at the start so when I jumped in it was just a matter of staying consistent and keeping the gap to second place which we were able to do. The team did a fantastic job so far and hopefully we can do the same job in the next race.”


Anthony Chan, Team Lotus: “Thanks to Dominic we had a good result today. Zhejiang is a difficult track, and I am happy to be able to hold off the professional drivers. ”


Dominic Ang, Team Lotus: “My teammate performed well today and we had a good position into the driver change. I only needed to bring the car back safely to take P2. Very happy with the result today.”

Zhou Yong, ChinaEquity AMR: “I have always had a bit of trouble with rolling start, but today I managed to hold on to the front-runners and find the gap to overtake. There’s still room to improve my start.”

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